Collection: ISOLA

ISOLA Jewellery Collection: Discover the Treasures of "The Island of God" Bali, Indonesia

Immerse yourself in the beauty and spiritual essence of Bali, Indonesia with our exquisite jewellery capsule collection, ISOLA.

Inspired by "The Island of God," each piece in this collection is a testament to the treasures found on this enchanting island.

Handcrafted with care, all items in the ISOLA collection, are made from 24K gold-gilded, solid silver.

Each piece embodies the craftsmanship and artistry renowned in Bali,

allowing you to carry a piece of this magical island with you wherever you go.

Delve into the collection and uncover the island' s treasures.

From delicate necklaces to designed earrings that reflect the island's natural beauty,

every item captures the essence of Bali's rich culture and spiritual heritage.

Experience the harmonious fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Our ISOLA jewellery collection, invites you to embrace the island's unique energy and create a personal connection with Bali's divine spirit.

Indulge in the allure of these handcrafted treasures and let them

transport you to the idyllic landscapes and serene beaches of Bali.

Whether you seek a statement piece for a special occasion or a daily reminder of the island' s beauty,

ISOLA offers a range of jewellery that will enhance your style and ignite your spirit.