Welcome to SoftDream by LauraGalasso, a sustainable handmade jewellery brand founded by Italian Designer, Laura Galasso in 2017 in London.
We are an ethically-handmade and sustainable label that specialises in creating pieces of jewellery with nature-inspired elements, semi-precious stones and antique treasures.
At LauraGalasso, we understand that each woman wants to grow in self-confidence and positive thinking. Our mission is to help them do this through our unique jewellery pieces that offer a connection to nature and the handmade quality of each piece.
Our designs originate from when Laura moved to Bali and became inspired by the artisanal metalwork skills of locals and the unique handcrafted quality of their creations.
With this inspiration, she began working directly with one artisan, learning everything about production, development and the obstacles and difficulties when making a truly handmade product.
Now based in London, all pieces are designed from her studio in North London with production continuing to be done by the same group of local artisans back in Bali whom Laura works closely on everything from design to creation.
Through our collection of jewellery we support small creative artisanal businesses who keep doing what they love most; creating beautiful works of art.
By shopping a LauraGalasso, sustainable handmade jewellery in London, customers not only get a unique piece of handmade art but they are also supporting a small business dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices.
So why not join us today on our journey for positive change!