Collection: NAPOLI

Naples Jewellery Collection: A Tribute to Culture, Tradition, and Beauty

Laura Galasso's heart overflows with love and cherished memories of her origins in Naples.

The culture, rich traditions, and timeless beauty of the city have inspired her to create a special capsule collection. With every piece in this collection, Laura Galasso pays homage to Naples with unwavering passion.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating red coral tradition and the ancient jewelry collections of Pompeii, which serve as the wellspring of inspiration for these pieces.

Each design, Naples Jewellery Collection, is a testament to the fine details and strong aesthetics that define this collection.

Embellished with pearls, red coral, deep red garnet, and green malachite stones, these jewelry pieces exude elegance and sophistication.

Every detail has been crafted to capture the essence of Naples' culture and tradition, infusing each piece with its unique charm.

The Naples Capsule Collection showcases Laura Galasso's dedication to creating intricate and strong designs that transcend time.

The combination of vibrant red coral, the fine beauty of pearls, and the rich hues of garnet and malachite stones evokes a sense of tradition and heritage.

Indulge in the allure of this collection, which embodies the cultural richness and artistic legacy of Naples.

Adorn yourself with these unique pieces that reflect the love and passion poured into their creation.