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Buddha of the Earth Necklace

Buddha of the Earth Necklace

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Buddha of the Earth Necklace, handmade in 24K gold gilded, recycled solid silver.

This necklace is adorned with a peridot stones, a mix gold chain and a detailed Buddha pendant.

Buddha gold necklace with peridot, measures 72 cm in length, making it perfect for layering or wearing alone.

This necklace feature a seated figure of a Buddha with on the sides two lotus flower  and intricate details.

The perfect jewellery for anyone looking to bring a bit of spiritual energy into their everyday life.

The pendant is a reminder that we all have the potential to reach our own happiness.

The peridot stone is a special olive green crystal that symoolizes wealth, financial success, and happiness.

It also helps to heal depression and its energy activates the Heart Chakra.

It's a powerful healing crystal, that can help to stabilise your moods and rid yourself of egocentric behaviours such as jealousy, resentment, and spite.

This timeless Buddha of the Earth Necklace, is the perfect way to accessorise any outfit.

It is a one of a kind piece that will last a lifetime.


24k gold gilded recycled Silver

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Care Instructions

Clean with a soft cloth after wearing it. It's advised to keep away from water and perfume if you want the gold shiny layer to last longer.

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