How gemstones can heal your inner soul

How gemstones can heal your inner soul

Gemstones may be something you really need in your life. Going back in time crystals and stones were mentioned in historical references. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks were using the stones for protection from negative energy, and evil spirits and would carry the in jewellery -back then it was called “Amulets”.
Nowadays, people wear them without even knowing! There are over a hundred of them in the world, and the importance of choosing the right ones for you is crucial. Each stone carries its power and purpose. To find out which one to get, you need to connect to your mind and your heart. Your intuition will lead you to what your soul is missing and needs.

Here are some of the most popular and historically rich gemstones:

After Ancient Greeks were finished honoring their god of wine, it was believed by them that the Amethyst stone would help to reduce the consequences of body intoxication and relieve the symptoms of the common hangover. Amethyst is a gemstone which will enhance your immune system, reduce headaches, and improve your skin and anxiety symptoms. Amethyst can be really helpful to improve your sleeping schedule.


Amethyst Crystal NecklaceAmethyst Crystal Necklace lifestyle

There are many sides of ruby that carry significant historical importance. The Bible
associate’s ruby with beauty and wisdom, however in Ancient history rubies were a symbol of power and protection. Warriors would wear them as their talismans in order to protect themselves and win the battle.
Today it is believed to represent luxury and passion and is known for helping to fight a person's inner shyness.

Snake necklace rubySnake necklace lifestyle

Garnet comes from the Latin word “granatus” which means seed. Some of the gemstones can remind you of pomegranate seeds. Persephone was a goddess of harvest and fertility. Hades,
the king of the underworld, fell in love and to keep her, trapped her in the underworld and forced her to eat pomegranate seeds. He believed that will create a bond between them and she will forever be his. That is how the gemstone originated. This story made me believe that the gemstone represents love, fire and creativity.


Aphrodite EarringsAphrodite Earrings
Emerald gained a lot of popularity owing to Cleopatra. It was known she had a soft spot for the gemstone. As well as showing her affluence and power, Cleopatra believed that emerald
had a healing compound and that it also symbolised rebirth. In today's world, emeralds are still considered to have healing powers and are sometimes used to treat several illnesses, as well as, heart and lung diseases.



The Emerald Dream NecklaceEmerald Dream Necklace Lifestyle

One of the most popular ways to connect with your crystals is meditation. To prepare for the ritual you will need to sage smoke your crystals. It will help to cleanse them and your personal space. Relaxing your body and clearing your mind, as connecting to the stones and attracting their energy to fulfil their destiny and taking care of your mental and physical well-being!
Crystals can also be programmed to be more personalised and have a stronger connection with them. Simply by holding them in your hands and focusing on devoting all your energy and thoughts to the gemstone. Clear your mind from all of the negativity, take the stone and place your hand on the heart. Take a deep breathe in and out, and you are good to go! 
Keep your gemstones close and don’t forget to take some time during the day to say what are you grateful for.

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