SoftDream by LauraGalasso is an ethically-made and sustainable jewellery brand, founded by Italian Designer, Laura Galasso in 2017.
Originating when Laura moved to Bali and she became inspired by the artisanal metalwork skills of locals and the unique handcrafted quality of their creations.
She soon started working directly with one artisan, learning everything about production, development and the obstacles and difficulties when making a truly handmade product.
Laura’s creativity and determination, paired with inspiration drawn from Bali, brought her to conceive Soft Dream by Laura Galasso; a fusion of antique treasures, combined with the modern world, with each piece having a distinctly unique aesthetic.
Developed in the knowledge that each woman wants to grow in confidence, self- esteem and positive thinking, each piece of jewellery features a nature-inspired element and works with semi-precious stones including green quartz, Iolite, pearl, garnet and emerald.
Still today, each piece made will be slightly different from the other, due to the truly handmade nature of the product; which further strengthens of the brand’s ethos for quality over mass production and championing local artisans over factory-made product.
This became and still remains, the focus of the SoftDream brand.
As Laura now resides in London, all pieces are designed from her studio in North London and continue to be made by the same group of local artisans back in Bali, with whom Laura works closely on everything from design to creation.
By shopping a LauraGalasso product, customers not only get a unique piece of handmade art but are also supporting a small creative artisanal business to keep doing what they love most.