Laura was born in South Italy, underneath the bed of Amalfi Coast, she moved to London in 2004 to pursue her creative dreams.

In 2015 she travelled to Bali to learn and discover more about Indonesian jewellery handcraft techniques and natural gemstones.

Bali was a great source of inspiration for her and it did not only represent a bloom in her career, but also in her personal life.

On the island, Laura, met many wonderful inspiring people, got married and gave birth to her beautiful daughter, MiaYvonne. All this sweet memory made Bali, became a special place that she treasures in her heart and surely influences her inspirations.

In 2017 her determined, positive personality brought her to conceive "SoftDream by LauraGalasso"

The brand expresses a deep love for world' handicraft techniques and crystal healing power. Each piece wants to be a unique amulet that connects you to the universe, guides you, empowers, and protects you in your daily life.

Nowadays she established herself back in London, and it's here, in her studio, that she entirely designs, all her jewellery pieces.

Laura Galasso portrait