Positive vibe, happiness and self-love

I keep studying to improve my creativity, inspiration and create something new, personal and unique.

With great help of jewelry handcraft maker we built piece by piece each jewels. Care for details are essential in our creation and that’s what makes our product special and individual.

Antiques, retro and vintage jewelry pieces, have felt mysterious and charming for years. Thinking that behind jewels there were believes mission and purpose it's very attractive.

 Alchemy Collection is a combination of believes, creativity, history and beneficial stones, seen under a new light, my reality that with love I decided to share with you toward my creations.

 Modern sleek minimalistic but detailed fresh young and actual to be worn single or combined with other jewels, for an occasion or for everyday to complete your look with an Italian sophisticated touch.

 All made in silver gold plated 24K, dreamy and surreal combination of handmade items, chains, stone, beads, crystal and tiny decorations.

The stone that we used in this collection are: Peridot, Lapis lazuli, Lace Blue Agate, Amazonite, Tourmaline rainbow, Pearls , Garnet and Moon stone. On our website you will find a stone guide page to check each stone provenience and benefit.

I really hope you will enjoy this Collection ...

For special request please contact us and we will be delighted to assist you!


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